How were underwater lakes and rivers formed?

Underwater lakes.

When were underwater lakes formed? I have been reading am any articles about these underwater lakes but not many tell about how they were formed. So far there is only one theory out there that scientist believe could be true.the theory states that during the Jurassic period the Gulf of Mexico and other small places were dried out and had no ocean water in them. This left pockets of salt and other minerals mixed together in thick bunches, some got to be 8 cm thick. When water returned to these places it mixed with these pockets of salt and minerals to form the unique underwater lakes. The lakes stay in the little lakes because of the brine and gases that come from the earths crust below them. This theory makes sense because during the Jurassic period the earth was still developing which meant that it wouldn’t be that unusual for water to completely be gone from some areas such as the Gulf of Mexico

.underwater lakes

Underwater Rivers

Not only are there underwater lakes and waterfalls there are also underwater rivers. These rivers however are not made of the same things that the underwater lakes and waterfalls are. The rivers are made up of gases such as hydrogen sulfide,that leaks out of the earths underwater crust, and nutrient rich water that has mixed with the hydrogen sulfide so it can’t mix with the ocean water. No animals live in these rivers it just looks like a dark thick line of smoke flowing on the ocean floor. Some divers go and “dive” into these rivers.  They says it is just like passing through a dense cloud of smoke not like passing through water. These rivers have become a big tourist attraction in Mexico and more and more people are paying good money to go and see these underwater lakes and rivers

.underwater rivers


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