The effects of cliff collapse

Cliff collapse has been occurring along the coastline for hundred of years. At least ten villages have been lost as a result of cliff collapse. The village of Eccles, which had 80 houses, is the most famous of these examples. Not only buildings are at risk, but also people’s lives. Cliff collapses can occur without warning, and people may be in their houses when they plunge down the cliff. Tourism is also at risk as many tourist attractions and facilities are situated along cliffs for the wonderful views.

People´s response to cliff collapse

Different people respond to cliff collapse in different ways. Inhabitants of cliff-top dwellings claim it is their right to live on cliffs, and demand that the government pay for expensive measures to prevent cliff collapse.

Some of these measures include:

  • building sea walls, revetments, groynes, gabions & reefs to stop sea attacking the cliffs.
  • building drainage pipes in the cliffs prevent saturation of the ground

Some environmental groups claim that cliff collapse is natural and that nature should be allowed to take its course.


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