The seven stages of tourist development- Lee Si Rong


A graph of Butler’s resort life cycle model

1.Exploration – a small number of tourists visit the area. The area is unspoilt and few tourist facilities exist.

2.Involvement – local people start to provide some facilities for tourists. There starts to become a recognised tourist season.

3.Development – the host country starts to develop and advertise the area. The area becomes recognised as a tourist destination.

4.Consolidation – the area continues to attract tourists. The growth in tourist numbers may not be a fast as before. Some tensions develop between the host and the tourists.

5.Stagnation – the facilities for the tourists may decline as they become old and run down. The numbers of tourists may decline too.

6.Rejuvenation – investment and modernisation may occur which leads to improvements and visitor numbers may increase again.

7.Decline – if the resort is not rejuvenated (stage 6) then it will go into decline. People lose their jobs related to tourism. The image of the area


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