Effects of Overpopulation in Mexico

1. Unemployment
• There aren’t enough sources of jobs in Mexico, so only the most prepared people get a job.
• This is a great social and economic problem because people who don’t work get frustrated and can’t support their families.

2. Low quality of public services
• Natural resources, like water or food, aren’t enough for so many people, so there is a lot of thirst and hunger in the country.
• The level of education is quite low because there are a lot of children or young people who must study, and there are not enough schools or teachers.
• The same happens with health; hospitals aren’t capable of giving attention to all the people who need it, so there are a lot of diseases.

3. High level of pollution
• A great number of people must go by car to their jobs at the same time, amazing traffic jams are caused.
• Noise pollution which is caused by cars and people, causes a great amount of pollution.
• Every day people generate a lot of trash, and this pollutes both water and ground.


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