Effects of Floods

1. Economy

  • Economic loss
    • The flooding in Jiang xi of China in 1998 caused great damage. The economic loss was HK$156 billion, 400 buildings surrounding the lake were inundated, leaving more than 1 million people homeless.
  • Resources used in reconstruction
    • After flooding, government has to input many resources for aiding or reconstruction, e.g., police force, fire control, aid worker, resources used for resisting flood, etc. This also brings loss to society.

2. Environment

  • Traffic
    • Flooding will lead to the damages of roads, collapse of bridges or traffic congestion, which may affect the daily operation.
  • Damaging the farmland
    • Flooding brings too much water which will cause damage to farmland.

3. Human Beings

  • People died and lose their homes
    • Flooding will cause death and injuries. In year 1998, 0.23 billion of people were affected in the flooding of Xian, including 3 thousands people dead, 1 million of people lost their homes. In 1996, the monsoon flood in India affected more than five million people in the northern and eastern part of the country. Severe floods have also killed some 200 people in India and Bangladesh and left millions homeless and starvation.

4. Disease

  • Flooding usually brings infectious diseases, e.g. military fever, pneumonia plague, dermatologist, dysentery, common cold (type A), break bone fever, etc. And for those areas which have no electric supply due to flooding, food poisoning may occur as food may not be properly frozen.


Downpour causes flash floods, massive traffic jams in city

Traffic slowed to a crawl along the MRR2 due to flash floods on Sept 1, 2013. Starpix by BRIAN MOHTraffic slowed to a crawl along the MRR2 due to flash floods on Sept 1, 2013. Starpix by BRIAN MOH

KUALA LUMPUR: Traffic was forced to a halt on several highways in the Klang Valley due to flash floods following a heavy downpour on Sunday.

Some of the worst affected areas were Old Klang Road, New Pantai Expressway, Federal Highway and Bangsar.

The traffic jams had also caused some KTM commuters to be stranded at several stations.

One commuter voiced her frustrations on Twitter saying: “Stuck at KL Sentral due to flood in Subang till Batu Tiga. What am I to do here?,” said user@Ama Nona.

Motorists along the Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2) heading towards Ampang and Cheras complained of massive traffic.

The situation worsened due to a stalled vehicle along the stretch.


A Malaysian Highway Authority spokesman said that by 5pm, traffic on the New Pantai Expressway was at a crawl from PJS2 to Maju Jaya and at the Taman Medan traffic light junction because of the floodings.

“Traffic was also reported to be moving slowly from Sri Petaling to the Middle Ring Road 2 on the Kesas Highway due to the wet conditions and the weekend break.

“The situation is the same from the Grand Saga Highway toll plaza heading to Plaza Phoenix and the Sunway Toll plaza to the Federal Highway on the Puchong Damansara Highway,” the spokesman said.

A Fire and Rescue spokesman also said flash flooding was reported on Jalan Klang Lama and a team from the Bukit Jalil fire station had been despatched to mitigate the situation.

Meanwhile, a Selangor Fire and Rescue spokesman said the department had to despatch teams to clear fallen trees in Klang and Pekan Meru after receiving reports to the effect from 4pm.

Twitter users had also reached for their phones in relaying messages of warning to their friends to avoid certain roads.

Tweet handle @MohdFairus said “Subang. Train railway and highway banjir. Ktm stuck for more than an hour already.”

“so.. the sister cannot pick me up in nilai since komuter stuck banjir kat subang. i’m gonna have to go by myself. nah. ajak ma lah,” said neh @zisisaineh

“Avoid NPE SUBANG to KL after Old Klang Road…everyone is making a u-turn,” said Gayathri Vijayakumar@GayaCutedevil

“Jam all the way at federal from klang to sunway due to the heavy rain. 3roads becomes 1road cause banjir,” said Charmaine@Charmaineiam.

Road user Jaswant Singh was stuck on his way to Shah Alam as water level rose to six inches.

“I was stuck there for nearly an hour trying to move through the water,” he said.

Flash floods also hit the Federal Highway causing a massive crawl.


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