Rainbow range- Yeoh Yi Le Dorcas 7 Omega

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The Rainbow Range:

  • Formerly known as the Rainbow Mountains,
  • A mountain range in British Columbia, Canada,
  • Located 40 kilometres (25 mi) northwest of Anahim Lake.
  • Located on the western edge of the Chilcotin Plateau, the range adjoins the Coast Mountains Pacific Ranges to the south, and the Kitimat Ranges to the north.
  • Considered part of the Coast Mountains and has been assigned here in Wikipedia to the Pacific Ranges although it is not formally part of that range-complex.
  • Lies north of the Bella Coola and Atnarko Rivers and south and west of the Dean River, which curves around its north flank, and is relatively drier in climate and easier of terrain than more mountainous areas immediately west.

The Rainbow Range is an eight-million-year-old (Miocene) massive peralkaline shield volcano in the Anahim Volcanic Belt which includes the lower but similar Itcha and Ilgachuz Ranges. The shield has a diameter of 30 km and is now heavily eroded by glaciers carving into the volcanic rock and sands over millions of years.The volcanism that created the shield is not well studied and is poorly understood. It is thought to be the result of the North American Plate passing over a hotspot, similar to the one feeding the Hawaiian Islands, known as the Anahim hotspot.

The range gets its name from the intense and varied colours of its terrains’ volcanic lavas and sands from heavy mineralization.


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