Causes of Migration ( by Joash Chan Wye Kin, 7 Omega)


  • Pollution- air pollution which is bad for health can cause msick illness. people who are living in this environment will often want to move to another region for a better health.
  • Job opportunity- jobs are important in the modern society. People who live in a country with less job opportunities will find it hard to find jobs, especially for those who have just graduated. They will often migrate to other region with more job opportunities.
  • Education- Education in some countries which are more poor wouldn’t be that good. There will be less schools and colleges and also less experienced teachers and lecturers. Families who could afford will prefer to migrate to other better country for better education.
  • High population- In places with high population, the prices of houses will also increase. Besides that, it will also be hard to find jobs and colleges.
  • Natural disasters- Some countries such as Japan always have natural disaster such as earthquake, tornado and floods. The houses here are easily destroyed and the citizens here must always be prepare for the next disaster. For their own safety, citizens here migrates to other countries which has lesser natural disaster.

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