The (………..) in the world -by Leonard Khoo Wei Quan

The largest ocean: Pacific Ocean (181,340,000

The smallest ocean: Arctic Ocean (14,750,000

The largest continent: Asia (44,579,000

The smallest continent: Oceania (35,670,000

The continent which has the most twisted coastline: Europe

The continent which has the straightest coastline:  Africa

The longest river: The Nile River (6,650km)

The largest river basin: The Amazon Basin (6,915,000

The largest lake: Caspian Lake (386400

The largest fresh water lake: Superior Lake (82414

The deepest lake: Paikal Lake (1637m)

The highest lake fresh water lake: Lake Manasorovar (4588m)

The hottest place: Barsa( record: 8-7-1991,58.8 degree celcius)

The coldest place: Votsok ( record: 21-7-1983, -89.2 degree celcius)

The place which has largest range of temperature:  Oimekon( differences: 107.8 degree celcius)

The place which has smallest range of temperature: Quito( differences: 0.6 degree celcius)

The highest point : Mount Everest (8,44.43m above sea level)

The lowest point: Dead sea(422m below sea level)

Largest volcano: Mauna Loa Volcano (4,169m above sea level, 75,000

The highest extinct volcano: Cerro Aconcagua (6,960m above sea level)

The highest active volcano: Ojos del Salado (6,891m above sea level)

The lowest volcano: Kasayama (112m above sea level)

The largest volcano mouth: (perimeter: 120 km)

The volcano the errupts the most: Etna volcano

The biggest highland: Brazil Highland (5000,000

The highest highland: Tibet Plateau (4000-5000m above sea level)

The largest plain: Amazon Planitia(

The largest basin: Congo basin(

The lowest basin: Turpan basin (lowest-154m above sea level)

The largest desert: Sahara desert: (9065000

The driest desert: Atacama desert

The largest rainforest: Amazon rainforest (

The largest penisula: Penisula Arab

The largest island: Greenland (

The most salty sea: red sea

The deepest and largest sea: Coral Sea (4790000 ,average deepnest: 2243m)

The most shallow sea: Sea of marmara (average:8 m, deepest: 14m)

The cleanest river: The Gangs River

The smallest sea: Sea of marmara

The most salty lake : Dead sea

The youngest sea: Red Sea

Highest mountain: Mount Everest

River with the biggest amount of sand: Yellow River

The widest waterfall: Angel Falls

Country with the most volcano: Indonesia (77 volcanoes)


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