What is fracking ?

-A way of getting fossil fuels.

Process of hydraulic fracturing

Processes of Fracking

-Drilling a hole in the ground big enough to fit a metal pipe.

-Pumping in highly pressurized poisonous liquid mixed with sand in to the ground.

-It will start to free the fossil fuels called natural gas .

-The sand will hold the fractures in the ground open for the natural gas to escape.

-Then the natural gas will travel up the pipe.

-The natural gas will be sent to the factory for processing.


Causes of Fracking
-Contaminates the water table.

-Water will unsafe to drink and will actually set on fire!

-Causes a lot of pollution.

A Few Companies Involved in Fracking
-Shell Oil and Gas

-Atlas Energy

-EOG Resources

-Range resources

-Southwestern Resources

-Williams Energy


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