What are Push and Pull Factors?Push and pull

What are Push and Pull Factors?

Push and pull factors are terms often used for migration. Push factors are factors or causes with which people tend to be pushed away or repelled from certain locations; while pull factors are those conditions that attract people to a particular location. These factors may be due to economic, environmental, religious and even political conditions present in the concerned locations.

The push factor involves a force which acts to drive people away from a place and the pull factor is what draws them to a new location.

Examples: Several push factors contributed to me wanting to leave my village and move to Cairo but, by far, the pull factor of the that amazing city was what made me decide to move.

Push Factor

Push Factor are the reasons the people leave an area. So why a person is pushed away from an area

  • Lack of service
  • Lack of safety
  • High crime
  • Crop failure
  • Drought
  • Flooding
  • Poverty and war

Pull Factors

Pull Factors are the reasons people want to move to an area. What pulls them to that area.

  • Higher employment
  • More wealth
  • Better services
  • Good climate
  • Safer, less crime
  • Good opportunities
  • Political stability
  • More fertile land
  • Lower risk from natural hazards
  • Polite and friendly


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