Title: What causes flood in Kelantan & How do people respond to flood in Kelantan By: Group 5 (Chong Hui Jane, Annise Siaw Ming Yee, Damie Ing Jia Ying, Lim Ru Jin, Lim Wan Ying) – 7 Omega-

  • Usually the flood season starts in the month of December, but unfortunately the rain started to pour in November.
  • The Kelantan River regularly overspills its banks during the months of November to February because of the northeast monsoon season. The estimate flood volume under the 50 year flood condition at Kusial Bridge is about 6 billion m³.

What causes flood in Kelantan
  • Heavy rains sometimes causes flood in Kelantan. Complex weather patterns can increase rainfall, which leads to flooding.
  • Kelantan may receive its usual annual rainfall over the course of a year with no problem. However, if this same amount of rainfall occurs over a two-day period, it will cause massive flooding.
  • Floods in Kelantan are also caused by heavy downpour in the year-end monsoon season.
  • Floods that occur are a natural result of cyclical monsoons during the local tropical wet season that are characterised by heavy and regular rainfall from roughly October to March.
  • Inadequate drainage in many urban areas.
  • The climate can also affect flooding. When land temperatures rise and remain higher than ocean temperatures, wind currents tend to blow from the ocean toward the land. This allows more water vapor to collect over land, causing increased rains. Increased rains, of course, can lead to flooding. This system, in which water vapor in the air moves from the cool ocean to the warm land, is called the monsoon wind system.

Kelantan River

ow do people respond to flood in Kelantan

Ø  The state Fire and Rescue Department has provided assistance in the form of transport and rescue equipment such as life jackets and scuba gear. 

Ø  The organization was prepared to provide minor treatments for flood victims by Red Crescent Society director Tuan Harun Tuan Yahya . 

Ø  School authorities must be prepared to close down at anytime, as soon as they’re instructed to do so.

Ø  The government also gave out RM2.916 million in compassionate money to 2,192 padi farmers in Kelantan whose crops were destroyed in the floods.

Ø  The Kelantan Fire and Rescue Department, one of the front liners providing aid to flood victims, also set up a patrol unit to monitor low-lying areas, as well as a medical emergency unit and counseling unit to help flood victims.

Ø  According to State Health Director Datuk Dr Ahmad Razin Ahmad Maher, the medical teams were also stationed at flood relief centres.

Ø  The government announced that four roads in the state remained closed to traffic — Jalan Pasir Mas-Pohon Tanjung, Jalan Tanah Merah-Kampung Ipoh, Jalan Cabang Empat-Meranti and Km24 Pasir Mas-Rantau Panjang highway.

Ø  The problem is made worse by fragmented implementation of measures at state and national levels in the affected states.

Ø  It is commendable that the government gives priority to solving flood woes in Kelantan, as expressed by International trade and Industry Minister and state Umno liaison committee chief Datuk Mustapa Mohamed (“Solving Kelantan’s flood problem to cost RM2b”- NST, Jan 3).

Ø  The cost-benefit analysis method favours an environmentally- friendly flood-mitigation strategy in the form of a non-structural approach.

Ø  Such a non-structural solution can be adopted for short and long- term measures under a flood mitigation road map.

 Ø  Non-structural techniques encompassing flood-mitigation and prevention-related regulations, such as urban zoning regulations, revised construction standards or codes, rivers or streams protection, restoration or maintenance of floodplains and wetlands or mangroves are the best practical alternatives to the proposed costly structural measures.


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