How is Malaysia connected to Singapore

How is Malaysia and Singapore connected?(Joash Chan)

Malaysia and Singapore are neighboring countries. They have a good relationship. Singapore used to be a part of Malaysia last time.

  • Tourism- Malaysia has good tourist spots such as A Famosa. Singapore also has tourist spots like the Universal Studio and sentosa. The people in this 2 countries always travel to the other.
    Reason- The transport system is very convenient. You can take bus or taxi and arrive very fast. Now they are also planning to build a high speed rail link from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore.
  • Business- People in this 2 countries will always have to travel around to have meeting, or talk to their client. The companies in this 2 countries will also hold business trips to the other country.
  • Goods- Malaysia also import many goods from Singapore.Example: chocolate and many others. Singapore also imports goods from Malaysia. Example: water and other resources.
  • Education- The a education in Singapore is good. TheEe are many colleges and universities there, many Malaysians goes there to study.
  • Jobs- There are more job opportunities in Malaysia than Singapore. Some Singaporeans move to Malaysia to work.

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