Connections between Malaysia and Canada (BY: CHONG HUI JANE)


Canada and Malaysia have a long history of close and friendly bilateral relations that encompass a full range of political, economic, trade, social, and cultural relations.

Import and Export

Malaysia export to Canada:

•Wood products
•Electronic equipment
•Palm oil
•Plastic and plastic articles
•Furniture and stuff furnishings
•Aluminum and aluminum articles
•Apparel articles and woven clothing

Malaysia import from Canada:

•Mechanical appearances
•Inorganic chemicals, precious metals
•Aircraft and spacecraft
Trade Relations
  • Canada’s trade relationship with Malaysia includes commerce across several sectors.
  • Bilateral trade between Malaysia and Canada has bright prospects.
  • Both countries have investments (in each other’s country) and the challenge is to be able to take it to the next level.
Education and Tourism
  • Malaysia is an important source of students to Canada
  • A number of Canadian universities maintain exchange and study programs with Malaysia.
  • Some 86,000 Canadians visited Malaysia in 2011, with approximately 12,000 Malaysians visiting Canada during the same year.
Security Aspects
  • Canada and Malaysia place a high priority on the security aspect of the relationship.
  • Canada has trained nearly 1000 Malaysians to safely respond to terrorist attacks.
  • Canada works with Malaysia as a dialogue partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and its security forum, the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF).
  • Canada has a high commission in Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysia has a high commission in Ottawa.
  • In Malaysia, Canada is represented by the High Commission of Canada in Kuala Lumpur.
  • Canadian companies in Malaysia employ thousands of Malaysians.
  • Canada engages Malaysia on issues related to the promotion of good governance, human rights, and pluralism, both bilaterally and in multilateral organizations.
  • Canada worked with Malaysia during Canada’s tenure on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR).
Science and Technology
Canada and Malaysia are strengthening ties in sectors such as:
  • aerospace
  • green technology
  • agriculture
  • transport
  • oil and gas
  • Both countries face the challenge of protecting a distinct culture from the onslaught of foreign programmes.
  • Production funds and licensing requirements are among the more successful Canadian regulatory mechanisms which could be adopted in Malaysia.
  • Canada and Malaysia broadcasting systems share similar motivating forces such as the desire to protect a distinct culture from ‘Americanization’ in Canada and ‘Westernization’ in Malaysia.
  • Canadian agricultural exports to Malaysia have experienced an upward growth trend.
  • Imports from Malaysia have experienced significant increases since 2005, resulting in a slight trade deficit for Canada in 2009.
  • Canada’s largest import from Malaysia and is responsible for much of the growth in overall agri-food imports.

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