Push and Pull Factors

1. Rural-Urban migration: The movement of people from rural areas to urban areas.
2. Push factor: A factor that leaves one with no choice but to leave one’s current home, country or region.
3. Pull factor: Good things about a place that makes people want to move there.

The examples of push factors from rural areas:
• Drought and famine
• Natural disasters
• Crop failure
• Poverty
• War and conflict
• Unemployment
• Lack of clean water
• Poor education and health provisions
• Lack of shelter (Most housing is often a collection of primitive shacks made from any available material.)
• Poor sewerage system
• Poor rubbish collection (no disposal of human waste and rubbish lead to disease.)
• A lack of services and amenities
• Poor electricity and power supplies (Most houses lack such basic amenities as electricity, gas, running water and sewerage.)
• Pollution
• Agriculture inefficiency
• Political corruption
• Overcrowded
• Unsuitable and bad climate

The examples of pull factors from urban areas
• Potential for employment
• Better service provisions and amenities
• A safer atmosphere
• Low crime rates
• Fertile land
• Good food suppliers
• Less natural disasters
• Greater wealth or affluence
• Political security
• Suitable and more attractive climate
• Stable government and no corruption
• Higher education
• High technology
• More comfortable, proper and quality housing
• No civil wars
• Entertainments
• Better living conditions
• Better medical care (more hospitals and can afford doctors.)
• A steady economy.
• Political and religious freedom
• A safe and good environment ( no violence and less diseases)
• No slavery

An example:

By Annise Siaw from 7 Omega


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