Effects of migration to rural areas and urban areas

In rural areas, there is less people due to certain reasons (discussed by other students). What happens is that there may not be enough people to run the area.This will:

  • Cause customers of shops to decrease.
  • Making less entertainment,food, almost anything due to lack of people.
  • Which will make less people move away from there.
  • Other people will not want to move there.

After some time, the town or village will no longer exist. These are known as Ghost Towns.

On the other hand, in urban areas:

  • It may be overpopulated.
  • Causing traffic jams, less place to park, etc.
  • The property price will increase due to the popularity of the city.

As discussed with our dear Mr. Ratanam, other surrounding areas will become populated because more people want to be close by to that original city. But that relates to another topic, covered by someone else.

By Sharraadh Jeyakuhan, 7 Omega student

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